Specialist in Printing
1 of the top Printing companies in South Africa
As one of South Africa’s leading printing and designing company, Immediate Printing has
full service solutions for high quality business printing, we offer extensive, professional
timely service in digital printing, large format printing such as banners and poster printing.
We offer our proven exceptional services, quality and pricing.
Immediate Printing was founded in 2007, by the previous owners, where Nonna bought over
 the company and keep it growing from strength to strength and we still growing. We print
 from office papers, logo’s, pre-starts, invoice, tax, diamond registers, letter heads,mugs,t-shirts
pens, table calendars, name boards, stickers, projects, school work and much much more…
If its not on the list, speak to use we print more than you could imagine,  
with designers that would amaze you with every design.
Based in Kimberley, make it easy in central South Africa, and deliver the hole of South
Africa. Make us your printing partner, would be the best decision you ever made. Our team’s
expertise would keep your eye on your business and we deliver to your needs. Our team 
Who are Immediate printing’s
Immediate Printing is the business of Mariaan Botha,
a long line of hard working business professionals.
Who was born in Schweizer Reneke, and grew up there,
but are now based in Kimberley, where Immediate is
Mariaan also known as Nonna Botha, born Fourie
who’s family is known for her professional service
and enthusiasm in the professional world. She’s doing 
everything up to the professional style and perfection
a printing company needs.
In terms of the design and printing of Immediate
Printing, Mariaan, Nonna will always keep all her
customers happy. She know what the company need of her
and keeps the team of Immediate Printing alway positive
and in a professional manner. She know how to keep
the company of Immediate Printing and the staff 
on their best. 
Nonna is married to Botes Botha, a diamond miner in
Kimberley. He is also in the business world as an 
successful miner and also run a very professional
company in Kimberley, the diamond Mecca of South-
083 293 5844 071 819 7693
26 William Street
is know with the newest and best design and printing methods and we got the best and  
efficient tools to do professional work for your home or office.