What does we offer for you?
Immediate Printing with our professional team can print what every you need,
from Mugs, T-shirts, Bed linings, Books,up to Bill Boards. We can customize your 
business or home, and printing all your needs.
Your business printing all the needs from one company and become friends with a
professional team, all the paperwork, letterheads, invoice and more books.
And for your home, we printing the Mugs, stickers, school projects, bed linings, T-shirts,
customized pens and all the dreams you got, we can design and print it.  
Printing and design
Immediate Printing got Design and Printing teams that can put all your dreams on paper,
and even print it on any medium. 
Our product range is for your Business as well as your Home, We can print on any medium
from material, perspex, metal, paper as well as mugs. 
We got the best machinery and tools that can customize any design that fit your
needs. Our team is up to date with all the new technologies and techniques that will
improve any design and printing in Immediate Printing. The team will also do a perfect
printing designs for you.